Upload your taint logs

"An AddOn has been blocked from performing an action only available to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload the UI."
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Aren't those things annoying?

Someone will do science to them.

Maximum accepted file size: 2MiB.
You may upload a zip archive.

How do I find a taint.log file to upload?

The taint.log is a World of Warcraft client log file that contains information about actions the interface has been prevented from performing due to taint (i.e. addons). Taint logging is not activated by default, but you can enable it by typing /console taintlog 1 in chat. Once activated, you can find the log in World of Warcraft\Logs\taint.log.

What's in the taint log?

The log file contains information about the action the client attempted to perform, and what addon caused it to fail; see a sample taint.log at level 1.

What is taint, anyway?

Taint can be thought of as a marker that can be attached to code or variables, essentially saying "do not trust me, or anyone who knows me, to invoke protected functionality." This is elaborated upon in the About section.

Why do you want my logs?

There's currently no organized effort to collect information about, document, and ultimately resolve taint issues. Some error reports end up not being investigated, or blamed on unrelated code, while the underlying problems remain unfixed.

Collecting real-world taint logs in this fashion allows taint-related issues players experience to be catalogued, without requiring additional effort from individual addon authors.

Why settle for taintlog 1; doesn't that thing go to eleven?

Stack traces of blocked actions are more interesting than the incomplete information provided by higher log levels; this also limits the generated log files to a more reasonable size. Wait, what did you just ask?