Recently Updated AddOns


150+ macro slots for every character specialization.

Updated 2021-01-22: engineering conditionals, feedback bug fixes.

Venture Plan

Interface improvements for Adventure Campaign missions.

Updated 2021-01-14: Cursed guide support for additional companions.

War Plan

Interface replacement for War Campaign missions.

Updated 2021-01-13: workaround for non-covenant report errors.

Master Plan

Augments the Garrison and Naval Missions UI.

Updated 2021-01-13: workarounds for 9.0.2 FrameXML issues.


A pop-up radial menu.

Updated 2021-01-12: engineering skill conditionals, snap-to-cursor pointer animation.


Eliminates certain classes of taint errors.

Updated 2020-10-19: initial release.


Manage the Sunsong Ranch without opening your bags.

Updated 2020-10-12: patch 9.0.1 compatibility update.


Helps you play the Apexis note sequences in Ogri'la.

Updated 2020-10-12: layout update; Shadowlands compatibility.