M6: 1.26

Release Notes

  • M6 macros now display their M6 names on action buttons. You can also customize (or remove) this text by including a #label metacommand in the M6 macro text.
  • Added [covenant:kyrian/venthyr/nightfae/necrolord] extended conditional. You can also use a shorter version: [coven:fae/necro].
  • Added [mine] and [skin] extended conditionals, which evaluate to true if the player character knows Mining and Skinning respectively.
  • Fixed an issue where /stopmacro could cause [button] to be stuck in an incorrect state.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when clicking the Global binding checkbox.
  • (a) Fixed an issue preventing M6 macros from being dragged.
  • (a) Active macro borders in the M6 macros list are now updated more reliably.


  • VersionDateSizeCompatibility
  • M1.26a 2021-03-24 65.9 KB 9.0.5

  • M1.26 2021-03-23 65.9 KB 9.0.5