OPie: Xe 1

Release Notes

  • Added #count item name or ID meta-command, which overrides the item/spell charge count feedback provided by a macro. You may use secure command options and extended conditionals to specify arguments to this meta-command, e.g. #count [mod] Healthstone; Healing Potion
  • /macro slices will now also show the macro name.
  • Added #label text meta-command, which overrides the label feedback typically used by macro names. You may use secure command options and extended conditionals to specify arguments to this meta-command, e.g. #label [mod] MOD; NO.
  • Nested rings can now be displayed as jump slices. Nested rings displayed in this fashion cannot be rotated, and, when selected, open the relevant ring.
  • You may remove items from the built-in Quest Items ring by using the /opie exclude-quest-item Item Name or /opie exclude-quest-item id1 id2 id3 ... slash command.
  • Added shortcut buttons to edit the ring appearance/behavior options and slice bindings to the Custom Rings panel.
  • Added an option to show a placeholder slice for unavailable toys.
  • When using an external addon to skin OPie slices, the desired appearance can now be selected in /opie options. Note that external skinning addons need to be updated to display some feedback elements correctly, including the new macro labels.
  • Items/Spells that would previously show a count of 1 now omit the count by default.
  • Jujus are now excluded from the Quest Items ring by default in Classic.
  • Eternal Traveller's Hearthstone added to Hearthstones ring.
  • Ring snapshots are now, in some cases, shorter.
  • Deprecated the OneRingLib.ext.OPieUI table; use OPie.UI instead.
  • Deprecated the OneRingLib.ext.OPieUI​:SetIndicatorConstructor API. Use OPie.UI​:RegisterIndicatorConstructor instead.
  • Words of Akunda is now shown in rings for Alliance characters.
  • [form:] and [stance:] conditionals now more closely match the behavior of default macros when passed non-positive or non-integer arguments. For example, you may now use [form:0] to check [noform].
  • (a) Fixed an error in the Quest Items ring on Classic clients.
  • (a) Fixed an error that occurred when opening rings with certain (non-)actions.
  • (a) Fixed an error that occurred when using certain external addons.
  • (a) Fixed an issue causing inconsistent visual feedback when switching to nested rings while the Center rings at mouse option is enabled.
  • (a) Fixed an issue where a rotating a nested ring containing a jump slice could cause an extra ghost slice to remain visible.
  • (a) Fixed an issue causing nested rings placed at the start of another ring to not be shown correctly under some circumstances.