OPie: Xe 2

Release Notes

  • Controller support. On Modern WoW, you may now bind OPie rings to controller buttons, and possibly select actions using the right controller stick. For Classic, #nochanges.
    • Controller support in WoW is likely in a state of flux, and depending on which parts inevitably get protected, OPie support may be temporary.
    • You must first enable WoW's controller support.
    • You can configure OPie's behavior using the slash commands displayed by /opie show-gamepad-config
    • /opie set-gamepad-mode stick (default) allows you to use the camera stick to select an OPie slice action. Moving the mouse away from the center of the screen allows you to make the selection using the mouse cursor instead.
    • /opie set-gamepad-mode cursor switches the camera stick to cursor emulation mode automatically when you open an OPie ring.
    • /opie set-gamepad-mode none disables OPie's controller-based slice selection (you may continue to use controller bindings).
  • You can now configure whether macro names and #label text is shown by OPie.
  • Added support for the Meta modifier key (Command on macOS; the Windows key on Windows). You cannot actually use the Windows key.
  • Updated design of the Ring Bindings dropdown menu, merging slice and other bindings into a single In-Ring Bindings list.
  • Updated taint-reducing workarounds included in OPie.
  • Removed the Slice Caption edit box.
  • Removed PRIMARY/SECONDARY virtual binding remapping for the WoW MMO mouse.
  • Fixed some cases of incorrect action feedback being shown for slices with modifier macros, invoked from a binding with a modifier, and activated by left clicks.
  • Fixed an issue causing /cast [@player] Cooking Fire to require explicit targetting rather than setting your boots on fire after a 3 second delay.
  • [a] Fixed an issue causing the pointer indicating the quick action to be off by 90 degrees.
  • [a] Fixed an issue causing the cursor to point towards the middle of the screen when opening a ring anchored to the mouse when WoW's gamepad support is disabled.