OPie: Xe 6

Release Notes

  • Added [covenant:kyrian/venthyr/nightfae/necrolord] extended conditional. You can also use a shorter version: [coven:fae/necro].
  • Added [mine] and [skin] extended conditionals, which evaluate to true if the player character knows Mining and Skinning respectively.
  • Fixed an issue causing on-open actions to not be performed when a ring is opened using a /click macro.
  • Covenant hearthstone toys now only appear in rings if your character is a member of the appropriate covenant.


  • VersionDateSizeCompatibility
  • CAncient Xe 6 2021-03-23 187.9 KB 1.13.6

  • MXe 6 2021-03-23 187.9 KB 9.0.5